Quick & Efficient Rug Cleaning London

Have a nasty sticky stain in the middle of your rug? Don’t worry, and call O.K. Cleaning Ltd. We can remove just about any type of stain from any type of rug carefully, competently and at an amazingly affordable price. We offer residential & commercial rug cleaning in London and it's surrounding areas. The services are all provided by vetted, trained and experienced rug cleaners. Only Petrochem certified solutions which are safe for people, young children, pets, and the environment are utilized. 

Top-class rug cleaning

Get your free quote right away. Either call 020 3404 6000 or send an online request with details about the type, size and condition of your rug. Our 24/7 customer service reps will be back as soon as possible with the price for the required service. No deposit required. Weekend or public holiday appointments. Call now and hire an expert rug cleaning company at a better price and quality. 

What Rug Types We Clean?

Wool rugs - (hand knotted, hand tufted, hand loomed, machine-loomed. Even though wool rugs are stain-resistant, periodic professional cleaning is recommended by all industry professionals. Such a treatment will remove all deeply embedded particles and prolong fibres' life.), natural fiber rugs (hand-woven or loomed), hair-on-hide rugs, cotton rugs ( larger sized cotton rugs are difficult to treat in home conditions. Instead of bringing them to industrial-sized cleaning facilities, you should simply call O.K. Cleaning Ltd. Our rug cleaners will instead dry clean them and make them fresh and be appealing once again.). Synthetic rugs (olefin, polyester, acrylic, nylon or a mixture of all these fabrics. Synthetic fibres are indeed very durable. That is why many people mistake easy upkeep with not cleaning at all. Artificial tissues tend to amass dirt particles and soil much faster than wool rugs. Over time, they can become hard to clean and health risk. Therefore, periodic professional rug cleaning is recommended not only for your rug’s lifespan improvement but also for the health of your household.) and rug pads.

Effective Cleaning Procedure Anatomy

As an expert rug cleaning company in London, we are ready to provide you either of the two most efficient cleaning techniques - hot water extraction & dry cleaning. Our skilled cleaning technicians always perform a thorough inspection of the rug to determine which method and solutions should be used to pre-treat stains and to clean the rug. They also perform a safety test with the solutions used on a small inconspicuous area of the rug before applying them, just in case. Before the dry or steam cleaning, the rug is hoovered and the stains are pre-treated. After that, the technician will proceed to either steam clean the carpet with a special water extraction machine (one with tiny nozzles for rapid steam and extraction) or to dry clean it with special dry cleaning foam or powder. Upon request, the cleaner can use an air moving system to speed up the drying process to up to three times. To order either steam or deep cleaning for your rug, just make your booking right away.

Affordable & Experienced Rug Cleaners in London. Call now!

If you are in a hurry, we offer same day booking emergency rug cleaning London services. There is no extra charge for booking on weekends or public holidays. Early bookers get discounts, so do all those who chose to book more than one service at a time. Booking us is easy - call 020 3404 6000 or fill out the online booking form. Our customer care service centre is open 24/7. Your request will be processed quickly, and a written confirmation will be sent to your phone and e-mail as soon as possible. No deposit is required. Book now!