Carpet Cleaning in London Done The Right Way

Domestic carpet cleaning LondonYou want your home perfectly clean and healthy once again? Carpets and rugs need to get special attention because most of the dust, dirt, and spills get stuck on them. You should consider booking our services. We have been providing professional domestic carpet cleaning in London since 2005. Our skilled carpet cleaners can perform high-quality steam or dry cleaning, stain removal, and deodorizing as well. You can also opt for an extra stain protection on your carpets. You can combine our expert carpet cleaning service with deep cleaning of your sofa and other upholstery such as your draperies, curtains, and mattresses. Deep cleaning kills all microbes and dust mites. It removes the dirt, grit and all unwanted residue from the carpets, and thus from the air in your home as well. By choosing to entrust your carpet to us, you are guaranteed:

  • Outstanding carpet care
  • Effective removal of all kinds of stains & smell
  • No residue left
  • Only biodegradable, child & pets detergents used
  • Fair & fixed prices

To receive a free price quote, call 020 3404 6000 or send an online inquiry here right away. Day or night, your request will be processed and you will get a non-binding price offer as soon as possible. Regular customers and people who choose to book more than one cleaning service at a time get preferential prices and discounts.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

The steam carpet cleaning method is extremely efficient in killing 100% of all nasty microorganisms residing in your carpet and removing any dust, dirt, residue, spills, etc. After the treatment, the air in the room will be free of allergens, and your carpet will be rejuvenated. The cleaning session begins with a close inspection done by an experienced cleaner. Any stains which are treatable are pre-treated with the appropriate solutions. The carpet is cleaned thoroughly with a professional vacuum cleaner, and the legs of any furniture left on the carpet are covered with protective padding. The cleaner will then use a powerful steam carpet cleaning machine to shampoo the carpet and then to rinse it off with water. During the process, 95% of the water is extracted by the machine, so at the end, only 3 hours will be needed for the carpet to dry completely.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Certain types of carpets, such as delicate ones, or those which are not colourfast, waterproof or may shrink, cannot be steam cleaned. In these cases, a professional dry carpet cleaning is performed. It doesn’t use water, so it is safer for the carpets and rugs. Our carpet cleaners always pre-treat all removable stains, hoovers the carpet and then proceed to apply the special dry cleaning foam or powder. This is done with a machine which delicately tucks the solution in the carpet. The dry cleaning solution is left to do its job for a few minutes, after which is hoovered off along with all the residue stuck on it. After the dry cleaning is done, no drying is necessary, so life can get back to usual at home without delay. To get your carpets and rugs deep cleaned by the experienced and reliable professional cleaners, book your cleaning service right away.

Carpet Cleaners Worth Hiring

O.K. Cleaning Ltd. has more than 15 years of experience in professional deep cleaning of carpets, rugs, upholstery, curtains, mattresses and others. Our professional cleaners are selectively chosen and then scrutinized and trained and have become quite experienced. Today, they can professionally clean just about any kind of carpet and rug, even the most delicate silk or antique ones. Our technicians can also remove a wide variety of stains from your carpets and upholstery. Our company adheres only to the latest, safest and most efficient carpet care solutions. They are all Prochem certified and are proven safe for humans, babies, pets and for the environment. The machines, tools, and methods used are also from the latest generation. The cleaning services are fully insured and at affordable, fixed rates. Choose us and get served by a reliable carpet cleaning company!

Flexible Appointments

To book our top-rated carpet cleaning London service, just contact our 24/7 customer care center. Inform them of your request and the specifics of the items you want cleaned. Call 020 3404 6000 or fill out the online booking form right away. Our operators will process your request as soon as possible and will confirm your booking by sending you an SMS and an e-mail. If you book early you will get preferential prices. But we also offer emergency cleaning services, so we can send our carpet cleaners within less than hour. Booking is possible for every single day of the year, weekends and public holidays included. Book now, no deposit is required!