Professional Drapery & Curtain Cleaning London

Curtain cleaning LondonWant to fully clean & rejuvenize your curtains but can't find time to do it? You should then hire O.K. Cleaning Ltd. We offer high-quality deep blinds, draperies and curtain cleaning in London. We have flexible schedule and very affordable rates. We have all the resources to clean just about any type of curtains or draperies. All our curtain cleaners are highly experienced, well-trained and properly equipped with all natural yet effective cleaning solutions, tools and cleaning machinery. Depending on the type of curtains or drapery being cleaned, the cleaning method used can be either steam cleaning or dry cleaning. If you choose to use our services you will definitely receive:

  • Full stain & odour removal
  • Excellent customer care service
  • Service available 365 days a year
  • No residue left after the cleaning
  • Family & pet safe detergents

Get a free price offer by dealing 020 3404 6000 or filling out the online form right away! You will be offered a same day drapery cleaning appointment. At the end your curtains will look & smell wonderful, thus significantly improving indoor air quality. 

Curtain Cleaners You Can Trust

Our professional curtain cleaners have all been insured and Prochem certified. They always wear uniforms and identification badges and are very friendly and reliable. They will, in fact, offer you free maintenance advice on the spot as part of the cleaning service! The drapery & curtain cleaning can be dry or wet, depending on the textile they are made of. Steam cleaning is used on curtains which can be treated safely with water and which are colourfast and will not shrink. Steam cleaning will completely eliminate all germs, dust and dirt accumulated in the curtains. Dry cleaning is used on more delicate curtains and draperies, and will successfully rejuvenate just about any type of textile. If there are any stains on your curtains or draperies, our experienced cleaning technician will pre-treat them with the appropriate solution. After the cleaning is over, the curtains will look as good as the first day you got them, and will smell and feel as fresh as ever!

Combine This Service With...

If you choose to book the professional curtain cleaning service offered by our company, please be informed that you can receive really big discounts if you book another cleaning service or more along with it! In other words, combined cleaning services will save you money, as well as time and energy. You can book a deep carpet or rug cleaning service, which will help your home or office become even fresher and healthier. It is a fact that most of the dirt, dust and germs get stuck in the carpet and become airborne and thus get in the air as well. This is particularly harmful and even dangerous for small children, people with dust allergies, asthma, eye irritations, and other similar conditions.

If you want to further improve the air and the living conditions at home, you should consider ordering deep mattress cleaning too. Deep mattress cleaning can be done competently and speedily without the need of wetting or moving the mattress. The cleaner will use a special UV light which successfully kills all of the millions of dust mites and other germs residing in your mattress and feeding on your dead skin cells. We can also provide steam cleaning for your mattresses as well, depending on your requirements. Dry cleaning for mattresses is another method used to ensure you live and sleep in safer and healthier conditions. Whether you want just the thorough drapery cleaning, or you want a combined cleaning service provided by our professional cleaning company, all you need to do is to book the service now!

Quick Curtain & Drapery Cleaning Appointments

Same day booking is possible, but if you choose early booking you will receive a nice discount from the cleaning fee. You can book your curtain cleaning service for any day of the year, including weekends and bank holidays. Payment methods are flexible, and you will pay only after the service has been provided. There is no deposit for booking, no hidden fees, and big discounts for combined cleaning booking, regular customers and others! Call now to find out more - 020 3404 6000!