Cleaning Services Testimonials

Guys, keep up the good job! I have never seen my home looking that clean and shiny. This was the best investment that I have recently made. I fully support the idea that a clean home is a happy home! Thank you, Ok. Carpet Cleaning! Greetings!

Reviewed by Monica Gibson on Jan 25, 2018

True, the noise of the steam cleaning machine almost drove me crazy, but the cleaning was quick and it was over in less than 30 minutes! The results are completely amazing. My carpet looks new, there are no stains and every time I enter the room it smells so fresh.

Reviewed by Gary Wilson on Jul 9, 2016

The carpets and rugs in my office are always presentable and looking sparkling clean, thanks to the professional carpet cleaning services of OK Carpet Cleaning. I am a regular customer, and am certainly satisfied with the fact that they are reliable, quick, can come after office hours or on weekends and holidays with no extra fee, plus I receive preferential rates because I use the services regularly!

Reviewed by Charles Walters, CEO of Fusion Tech Ltd. on Jan 19, 2016

My leather sofa had started to get little cracks, so a friend suggested I try their cleaning services. According to her, this company “could do wonders with leather.” I decided to give it a try, and I am extremely happy with the results! The cleaners not only cleaned all the pores in the leather but also applied some special solutions and conditioners which closed up the cracks.

Reviewed by Millie Watkinson on Dec 12, 2015

When I received a carpet cleaning appointment as a gift from my daughter and her husband, and didn’t think that I needed it. But I am so happy that I got it because after the cleaning was over I was absolutely astonished by the way me carpets looked and smelled! I had forgotten their true vibrant colours. I am quite happy, and am recommending the cleaning services of this company whether you think you need your carpet cleaned or not!

Reviewed by Mariella Mane on May 27, 2015

I was a little embarrassed and nervous about the smell, but the cleaning boy was so nice and friendly that I quickly forgot all my worries. He cleaned the entire carpet and then added a special deodorant. 4 hours after he was gone and the carpet was dry.

Reviewed by Lorna Williams on Aug 16, 2014

After my son suffered an unexpected asthma attack, I was advised by my paediatrician to clean and dust the entire house, including deep cleaning the carpets. I was recommended OK Carpet Cleaning by a neighbour, and am awfully happy with the easy booking procedure, the fact that the cleaner could come in on a Sunday with no extra charge, and that now my carpet looks perfect, the air is as clean as ever, and my boy is breathing well!

Reviewed by Anish Bansal on Mar 4, 2014

Right after a guest spilled half a bottle of red wine on my nice living room rug, I immediately performed an Internet search for a company with emergency carpet cleaning services in the area. When I called, it was already nearly midnight, but the girl on the phone was extremely nice and was able to book a cleaning service for 10 in the morning! At 11 a.m. there was no sign of the big red stain on my carpet!

Reviewed by Roger on Feb 17, 2013

Me and my husband finally kicked the smoking habit, and decided to refresh our home from all that nicotine and tar. We ordered a combined deep cleaning for the carpet, sofa and upholstered furniture as well as the curtains in the living room. First of all, we were amazed by the sizable discount we received for booking multiple services.

Reviewed by Dr. Mayra Thomas on Oct 18, 2012