Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your carpet cleaning require drying time for my carpets, and how long is it?

A: Our company offers steam and dry deep cleaning, depending on the request of the customer, as well as the type of carpet. If steam carpet cleaning is performed, about 95% of the water is extracted during the cleaning itself. After that, about 3-4 hours are necessary for the cleaned carpet to completely dry. Upon request, the cleaner can provide an air movement system for quick drying.

Q: I have a big furniture on top of the carpet which I do not want to move. Can you clean the carpet without ruining the furniture?

A: We recommend that you remove any furniture from the carpet. In case it cannot be moved, the cleaners will take all safety precautions. They will place protective padding under and around the feet and base of the furniture.

Q: What does the Scotchgard treatment actually mean?

A: Scotchgard is a Prochem certified solution for protection of carpets, upholstery and other textiles. It is safe and yet it is efficient in protecting the carpet or upholstery from future staining. It actually keeps the spilt liquid on the surface for longer, so you will have time to clean it before it gets absorbed and causes a stain.

Q: My dog just had puppies, is the carpet cleaning procedure safe for them?

A: Yes, all the solutions we use are tested and certified as safe for humans, pets and for the environment. The cleaning machinery is quite heavy and you should keep the pets out of the room so that there are no accidents. Once the cleaning is done, the room is safe for you and the animals.

Q: Can you guarantee that you will remove absolutely every stain from my carpet and sofa?

A: No, we cannot give a 100% guarantee for stain removal, because some stains have permanently damaged the dye or fibres of the carpet and others are so old that they are non-treatable. The cleaners will give you an estimation of which stains can be treated and cleaned once they do an inspection of your carpet.

Q: How often should I deep clean my carpets at home?

A: Most carpet producers recommend that the carpets are cleaned once a year. Of course, it depends on the type of carpet or rug you have. Delicate rugs should be handled with extra care. If you have a home member with dust allergies, asthma or if you have babies or pets, you should resort to deep carpet cleaning at least twice a year.

Q: Can I feel safe leaving my expensive authentic Turkish rug in the hands of the cleaners?

A: All our rug cleaners are thoroughly vetted and trained. They have extensive experience and are well equipped to clean and treat stains from almost any type of rug, carpet or upholstery. Plus, all our cleaning services are fully insured, so you can feel safe!

Q: I really prefer to be at home during the carpet cleaning but this means it must be after hours, or on weekends. Is it possible?

A: The company offers its professional carpet cleaning services 365 days a year. Our cleaning hour slots are flexible, with some available after working hours as well. 

Q: I have a specific question about a type of carpet cleaning service which I cannot seem to find information about on your site, who should I contact?

A: We care for our customers, which is why we offer a constant customer care service. You can contact it by calling 020 3404 6000 or by filling out the online form here.