Cleaning Services Testimonials

“I like the way these people approach you, because frankly, at first I was ashamed to show them how much rubbish there is in our basement. But once they said it was their job, I felt confident and left them to work. In few hours only I had about 20 squares more free space in my own home.”

Reviewed by Suneli on Oct 2, 2016

“No need to remain in junk forever. This is what I told myself after I was given quite a good help with this clever and fast rubbish removal service.”

Reviewed by Katy Sullivan on Aug 21, 2016

“Well-organized waste removal with no fussing. The price is indeed ok.”

Reviewed by Russell on Apr 27, 2016

“My family has an old house in the country and we had to do something about it or it would damage with aging. I was kind of afraid going there, because there were so many old things, trash, junk...It`s like it was haunted by ghosts. But when these kind boys came and removed the wastes, I immediately fell in love with this property. Today, it is our summer villa!”

Reviewed by Lilly Duncan on Sep 29, 2015

“It was about year ago, when I used this company for the first time. I had a whole garage full of junk and my wife gave an ultimatum: you either clean it, or I`ll do it and you will remain with nothing. It turned out that the junk was indeed a lot and thanks to those guys, I got rid of useless wastes. Of course, when I needed to clear my business warehouse, too, I used the same company. And the commercial waste removal service was even faster. Probably, because they don`t want to lose special and important corporate clients!”

Reviewed by Garry on Sep 16, 2015

“I recommend this waste removal service to all my friends, who need such kind of assistance. The best thing is that unlike other companies they don`t ask for me to give them boxes, vans or even to remain in the property. They are real help!”

Reviewed by Tina J. on May 20, 2015

"That was one of the best removals I've ever been through. Everything went as good as possible and I didn't even have to be around. Went to watch the new show for a bit and in about fifteen minutes the boys came and said they are done. Thanks!"

Reviewed by Darlene Johnson on Aug 26, 2014

“Garage clearance is something I used to postpone with each next year and the junk became so much that the only chance I had is to use a professional company. I'm pleased with this service and it cost me closely to nothing...”

Reviewed by Tony on Apr 13, 2014

“Very helpful technicians. Finally English speaking and well-trained professionals, who know what they are doing, because to tell you the truth, I came upon really poor waste removal services before that...”

Reviewed by Sarah on Mar 17, 2013